The Restoration of Hope

Mermaid Arts Centre 17th Nov, The New Theatre 20th Nov - 16th Dec 2017. A new play by Philip St John.

Hope Whyte is having a diabolical Christmas. In a Dublin office painted with mysterious, sinister symbols, she wakes up: has she been Restored to life, or is her memory of being murdered a nightmare? And what is she to make of her self-declared Mentor, Larry McGrath, and his insistence that she must honour the terms of a blood-chilling Contract?

Like Temptress — which received great acclaim, Philip St John’s new play is a darkly funny, atmospheric drama that explores lives lived in the perilous zone between this world and the next.  

The Restoration of Hope is the second play in Philip St John's Eerie Trilogy.  A co-production with High Seas Productions, the production is supported by Wicklow County Arts Office, Dublin City Council, Mermaid Arts Centre, The New Theatre and Fishamble New Play Clinic.

Fund It Campaign

We are currently hosting a Fund It campaign to make up a shortfall in our production budget. We are very grateful to our funding partners on this project, but they are only able to provide a portion of the funding applied for. Please support at: 'The Restoration of Hope' Fund It page

Fishamble New Play Clinic

A two day workshop was held on 22nd & 23rd August in Mermaid Arts Centre as part of Fishamble's New Play Clinic support. 

The workshop team discussing Philip's script in Mermaid Arts Centre. 

The workshop team discussing Philip's script in Mermaid Arts Centre. 

Workshop Creative team:

Writer:  Philip St John

Dramaturg: Annabelle Comyn

Director:  Matthew Ralli

Cast:  Will Irvine, Jody O'Neill, Mark O'Regan

Set Design:  Lisa Krugel

Costume Design:  Rowena Cunningham