The Restoration of Hope

Mermaid Arts Centre 17th Nov, The New Theatre 20th Nov - 16th Dec 2017. A new play by Philip St John.


Update: This production is about to begin it's second week of rehearsals. Director Matthew Ralli and cast enjoyed an absorbing first week exploring the extraordinary world developed by writer Philip St John. 

In a Dublin office a few days before Christmas, entrepreneur Hope Whyte is Restored to life. Will she honour the terms of a blood-chilling contract signed in the next world, or defy her mentor Larry McGrath and endure...a fate worse than death? 

Philip St John's wickedly funny thriller, a successor to the acclaimed Temptress, takes us on an exhilarating trip into the dark heart of the ominous powers currently engulfing our globe.

The Restoration of Hope is the second play in Philip St John's Eerie Trilogy.  A co-production with High Seas Productions, the production is supported by Wicklow County Arts Office, Dublin City Council, Mermaid Arts Centre, The New Theatre and Fishamble New Play Clinic.

Mermaid Arts Centre - 17th Nov  -  Book Tickets

The New Theatre - 20th Nov - 16th Dec  -  Book Tickets

Creative team:

Writer:  Philip St John

Director:  Matthew Ralli

Cast:  Nick Devlin, Jody O'Neill, Shane O'Regan

Producer:  Melissa Nolan

Set Design:  Lisa Krugel

Sound Design:  Carl Kennedy

Lighting Design:  Paul Doran

Costume Design:  Rowena Cunningham

Fund It Campaign

The Restoration of Hope is only part funded, therefore the production was forced into launching a crowd funding campaign. Thankfully 38 private funders opted to support the project and we thank them for their generosity and belief in the creative talent of Speckintime and Philip St John. 

Fishamble New Play Clinic

A two day workshop was held on 22nd & 23rd August in Mermaid Arts Centre as part of Fishamble's New Play Clinic support. Working with director Matthew Ralli and writer Philip St John, the company would like to thank Annabelle Comyn for her dramaturgy; Will Irvine, Jody O'Neill and Mark O'Regan for their involvement as actors in the workshop; and to designers Lisa Krugel and Rowena Cunningham for their contribution.