Photograph by Kevin Abosch

Photograph by Kevin Abosch

At twelve years of age, Matthew's family emigrated from the historic Tudor village of Coggeshall, England, to the shiny new ‘burbs of Melbourne, Australia. After studying horticulture and managing his own landscape design business for nine years, an odd notion saw him partake in private acting tutorials with retired drama teacher Shirley V. Heriot.

The studies with Shirley agitated a deep seated passion for storytelling and performance. He sold his business and traveled back to Europe. A successful audition at the Gaiety School of Acting led him to a permanent move to Dublin and subsequent graduation from the two year full-time course.

For a decade Matthew worked as an actor in Irish theatre and TV, until a nagging desire to direct and create new work inspired the formation of Speckintime in 2013. His directorial debut was The Art of Wedlock, a collection of five one-act plays and he has gone on to direct nine new plays to date. Although Matthew still enjoys performing, he devotes most of his time to directing, writing and producing. 

Aside from his involvement in the arts, Matthew works as qualified Executive Coach. 

Matthew lives with his family in County Kildare.