Deeds of Deceit

Premiered at Chapel Royal, Dublin Castle, 3-6 July 2014. A newly commissioned play written by Matthew Ralli.

Deeds of Deceit was a commission by Dublin Castle/OPW to write a play about the mysterious theft of the Irish Crown Jewels in 1907. It was written by Matthew Ralli and staged in the Chapel Royal of Dublin Castle, 3rd-6th July 2014.

Margaret McAuillife (Verity White) and Matthew O'Brien (Lord Haddo)

Margaret McAuillife (Verity White) and Matthew O'Brien (Lord Haddo)

Gordon Mahn (Captain Gorges)

Gordon Mahn (Captain Gorges)


The Reviews Hub

****stars "What comes across mostly about Deeds of Deceit is how extensively it has been researched, something which grounds the supernatural characters in reality, allowing the audience to make an informed decision on each of them. The script is clever, funny and well delivered..." Read review

No More Workhorse

"There is an impressive cast, with Margaret McAuliffe leading the events as Verity White. This is an entertaining ‘who done it’ that has no clear answer at the end and leaves it for you to decide..." Read review

Matthew Ralli - A Note from the Writer

On July 6th, 1907, just a few days before King Edward IV was due to visit Dublin, the Irish Crown Jewels were discovered stolen. They were kept in a steal safe inside the Bedford Tower of Dublin Castle, yet police found no forced entry and no trace whatsoever of the thief. What began as an intense police investigation twisted into a carefully construed cover-up. Government files were systematically erased, the thief allowed to escape punishment, the case dropped and the jewels never recovered. In Deeds of Deceit the colourful array of suspects are brought back to life with one last opportunity to speak the truth. A mysterious woman is their interrogator, the audience their jury.

The Creative Team. 

Writer:  Matthew Ralli

Director:  Matthew Ralli

Cast:  Michael James Ford, Gerald Lee, Gordon Mahn, Margaret McAuliffe, Deirdre Monaghan, Stephen Swift, Colm O'Brien, Matthew O'Brien.

Producer:  Melissa Nolan

Sound Design:  Carl Kennedy

Costume Design:  Rowena Cunningham