Dáil 100 Experience

Written by Matthew Ralli

LEINSTER HOUSE - Dublin - 19th & 20th January 2019

Five original dramatic pieces written and directed by Matthew Ralli supported a dedicated usher’s tour and exhibition in Leinster House on January 19th & 20th to commemorate the centenary of Dáil Éireann.


Beginning with a monologue from Lord Edward Fitzgerald (1763-1798), the fifth son of the 1st Duke of Leinster, and the Commander-in-chief of the United Irishmen in the rising of 1798, the dramatic pieces depict important events and their effect on the nation through one hundred years of Dáil Éireann. They include a scene from 1919 between two employees of the 1st Dáil who share the emotive words of the Declaration of Independence; a scene with two female Dáil workers set in 1972 outlines the country’s trepidation on the eve of the EEC referendum as well as the struggle for working women prior to the marriage bar being lifted completely; a speech from a political journalist toward the last days of 2004 as he reports his yearly summary in the midst of Celtic Tiger Ireland; and finally a contemporary youthful bard speaks from the heart as he tries to encapsulate the nation’s struggles, achievements and hopeful future.


Creative team:

Writer & Director:  Matthew Ralli

Cast:   Donncha Crowley, Fionnuala Flaherty, Fionn Foley, Bairbre Ní Chaoimh, Áine Ní Laoighaire, Matthew O’Brien, Cillian O’Dee

Producer:  Melissa Nolan

Assistant Director/Stage Manager:  Ciaran McGlynn

Script support and Research: Pamela McQueen

Costume Design:  Rowena Cunningham

Irish Language Consultant: Marcus Lamb

Hair: Lynda Robinson