The Art of Wedlock

Premiered at Chancery Lane Theatre, Feb 11-22, 2014. 

The Art of Wedlock is a selection of five one-act plays featuring the common theme of marriage. It was staged in a theatre pop up space on Chancery Lane and featured an ensemble cast of ten actors. 

Diane Jennings & Ciaran McGlynn in  Here We Are  by Dorothy Parker

Diane Jennings & Ciaran McGlynn in Here We Are by Dorothy Parker


The Red Curtain

"This is Speckintime's first production and hopefully not their last. This is a group to look out for. I would not hesitate to see this again. It is truly one not to be missed. Whatever else you want to do, drop it and go see The Art of Wedlock first."   Read review

The Reviews Hub

****stars  "The journey taken by the audience here is a powerful one, as one experiences the optimism and fear of the early relationship, the frustration of the middle period and the anger, but also deep love that can come at the end of marriage."   Read review  

No More Workhorse

"There is a real sense of style about this production and a number of impressive performances from the strong ensemble cast."  Read review

The Plays

THE PROPOSAL by Anton Chekhov   Written over a century ago, The Proposal is the farcical story of a bachelor's desperate attempt to propose to his neighbour's daughter. Misunderstandings and haughty pride transform a straight forward question into hilarious tirades of argument and insult. 

HERE WE ARE by Dorothy Parker   An adaptation from a novella of the same name, this play, set in the 1960's, is a fifteen minute window into the lives of a young and naive newly-wedded couple. Virginal anxiety and petty jealousies fuel their awkward conversation, as they travel by train on their honeymoon to New York.

A MATTER OF HUSBANDS by Ferenc Molnar   A spiky little play in which a young wife visits a famous actress in order to accuse her of being in an affair with her husband. Utilising razor-sharp wit, the actress weaves a remarkable explanation with such conviction it has be true. Or is it? Ferenc Molnar was a Hungarian playwright who sought refuge in America in the 1930's.

A PROBLEM by A. R. Gurney   A seemingly happy W.A.S.P. husband and wife from mid-west America, play out an absurd and often hilarious encounter in their living room. In this very voyeuristic play, the narrative swings from one ridiculous topic to another, the combatants outdoing each other until the final outrageous climax.

ENEMIES by Hutchins Hapgood and Neith Boyce   Written almost a century ago, this play pits an aggrieved husband up against his aloof wife in a philosophical battle of wits. A sharp-edged piece of drama with an unexpected ending. 

The Creative Team. 

Director:  Matthew Ralli

Cast:  Dorothy Cotter, Annette Flynn, Diane Jennings, Gerry Lee, Ciaran McGlynn, Deirdre Monaghan, Melissa Nolan, Colm O'Brien, Matthew O'Brien, Simon Toal.

Producer:  Melissa Nolan

Sound Design:  Carl Kennedy

Costume Design:  Rowena Cunningham